Woodbridge Teams Up with Faly Academy for Volunteer Event

Woodbridge returns to Norgate Xwemélch’stn Community School to serve breakfast

Faly Soccer Academy and Woodbridge volunteers recently joined forces to organize a heartwarming event, serving a delightful pancake breakfast to the students of Norgate Xwemélch’stn Elementary Community School in the District of North Vancouver.

With smiles and enthusiasm, our volunteers arrived early to set up tables, prepared fruit cups and strawberry yogurt parfaits to create a welcoming atmosphere for the children. As the aroma of freshly cooked pancakes and sizzling eggs filled the air, laughter and chatter echoed throughout the cafeteria.

The students lined up with their eyes bright with anticipation, as they were served delicious breakfast plates loaded with whipped cream topping by the friendly office volunteers. This act of kindness not only provided a nourishing meal but also fostered a sense of community and joy, leaving a lasting impact on both the students and the volunteers.

Thank you Norgate for offering us this opportunity to participate in your school community. Special recognitions goes to Lorin from Woodbridge for her significant contribution in making this happen. We’re already looking forward to our next visit!  

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